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Elin Lanto

Elin Lanto version 2.0 is here. The teenage girl has grown up to a ambitious and self-concious young woman. Six years in the music business has got her to the point where she has taken full control over her own sound and knows exactly what she wants.

- I have put the teenage pop behind me and moved on to a more modern, dance floor oriented sound. It’s still radio-friendly pop, but more dynamically produced and more grown-up. Since I’m a trained dancer I look forward to a impressive stage show with dancers.

Elin was born in 1984 in Enköping outside Stockholm and spent all her free time in dancing school from her early childhood to her mid-teens, when she felt she had achieved what se set out to do and felt it was time to move on. She chose the aestethics programme in high school, and recorded a few songs in a friend’s studio. When the head of Scandinavian Songs hired Elin’s dad to rebuild his kitchen, Elin seized the oppurtunity to drop by her dad at work with a demo cassette in her hand. The cassette ended up on Rodeo Records, who released the debut album ”One” 2005, including Elin’s breakthrough hit ”I won’t cry”.

- I had a marvellous time on Rodeo Records, but last summer I felt it was time to move on. I’ve been in the business for quite a while now and know what people I get along with and who the most skillfull guys are. I felt confident enough to put together my own team with A&R Jocke Stenhammar (Amy Diamond, Vinvent, Dhani) and manager Roger Adolfsson. Together, we started looking for songs and producers.

When Elin hear the song ”Speak and Spell”, written by Johan Brobäck and Linda Sundblad, she knew she had found her new sound. She recorded it, and within months it landed her a deal with Catchy Tunes (September, Toni).

- It felt like the right type of label for me. They work with few artists but committ themselves fully to each project. And it seems like a winning concept, as they are succeeding with every act they take onboard.

Writing music herself is nothing Elin feels tempted to do. She is an emotional personality who take to the pen whenever she feels down – writing ”letters to herself” - but feels no urge to share her inner thoughts with others. For her, it’s much more important making the sort of music she wants – and to succeed:

- I’m a perfectionist and a control freak and I’m never happy until I’ve reached my goal. I want to be the best in my field, whatever it is. Right now it’s doing music that puts you in a good mood – and into the groove.

Elin Lanto